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Thursday, July 30, 2009

..get to know the other half of THINKWELL.. DJ GRAVITY/GRAV


Born and raised in Rhode Island (USA) I was into music from a very young age, listening to my mother playing soft rock radio and never forget the first time hearing analog sounds from the song "Muskrat Love" from Captain and Tennille. At 5 years old I got my first cassette player and recorded everything anywhere I went. Later on, listening to radio, I found that smaller stations and college stations had different sounds compared to the "pop hit" stations. I listened to punk, metal, industrial and even Dr. Demento. Then I got my first (normal) turntable. This is when my record collecting started - with metal and speed metal. Soon, my friends and I started a metal band and a few months later we discovered hardcore punk so we grew into a speedcore band called "Social Disease" (Rhode Island). After 4 years of the band a few of my friends turned me on to Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Ministry. We started a band called "Colossal Ameoba", which sounded like a mix between New Order and Front 242. We slowly evolved to the growing rave scene that started in the States at that time. I started going to all the "rave" parties and after hours I could possibly go to throughout the North-East area where I would mostly study the DJs. At home, I would use a cassette dictation machine with speed control and an average turntable and practice beat matching. The breakthrough came one night at a party where the DJ was playing all night long and wanted to take a break. So I asked him if I could try. I actually did well and people thought that I was a DJ for a while already. So it was then when "DJ Gravity" was born. From there I went out to buy cheapo turntables (beltdrive with speed control) and a cheapo mixer (with no cue - so I had to listen to the needle!). It was tough but when I played my first gig at an electronic arts show at RISD everything went smooth using a good mixer and 1200s. Money was always very tight so I usually had to buy the bargain bin records, mostly house and some techno. But I made them work together. I started doing a biweekly night with DJ Venom. From there I got my first big show in New Hampshire and things took off. Later, I moved to Florida and got an in-store DJ job at a funky clothing store called " Blue Buddha". I played many parties all over Florida where people always had the same reaction: "Where did this guy come from?". Which lead to more places to play each time - and all without ever making a mixtape. After a while I moved back to Rhode Island and kept the motion going and started producing again. Around that time I met "Brokenviaments", an underground hip hop group. They were looking for a DJ, so I jumped on board DJing and producing hip hop/trip hop with them for many years and still work with them now. Now I am living in Germany, close to Frankfurt, working on my music and looking for DJ gigs. I produce almost everything, from minimal to hard house, ambient and drum&bass, etc.(I usually use analog equipment, now I am getting used to producing with a DAW) I love a wide range of music! Hopefully I can soon add more to this bio. Available for DJ bookings! Grav

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