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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Loop Minded Individuals "A Hitchhiker's Guide To A Verse"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Loop Minded Individuals Official release 4/22/14

 Distribution by Four Finger Distro
Produced By: Intrikit & Esh The Monolith

1. A Hitchhiker's Guide (ft. ESH The Monolith, Intrikit, Zac Galen)
2. War Drum (ft. Moe Pope, Roc Doogie, Elucid) 
3. Bully Dozer (ft. Romen Rok)
4. Science of Sixteen (ft. Has-Lo)
5. Best In Show (ft. deebee)
6. The Ghost of Robert Frost (ft. Teddy Faley, Selfsays)
7. Chuck Wepner (ft. XL, Big Juan)
8. Follow Her (Ft. Seez Mics)
9. Loop Minded (ft. Andrew Milicia, Fran-P)
10. Home (ft. Grey Sky Appeal, F. Virtue)       

pre-order  available now @
Plus a limited edition red cassette, courtesy of I had An Accident Records

While you wait, this track here mysteriously lost its way off the final pressing of LMI.  Consider this the 11th track of Hitchhiker's Guide To A Verse, as it was created along with the rest of the album.
Side B is a remix I produced in the spirit of Gang Starr (Rest In Peace GURU), that Cas & I were featured on, off of 2011's "Invisible EP"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ohh, what a intricate web we weave...

This is probably the first time I've utilized this blog in this manner, & for good reason...

For the last 2 years or so, I've noticed other artists popping up on the internet calling themselves "Intrikit".  Some, if not most, are trying to make some form of Hip Hop music.  Masta Ace said it best on "The Symphony" ..."There's a sign at the door: no bitin' allowed. And if you didn't read it I suggest you do so..."
It seems originality and making your own mark in life no longer means anything, to anyone.  Like film maker's in Hollywood, everyone feels the need to recreate or reboot a work of art, just for the sake of better graphics or putting their twist on a already solid story line.  As entertaining as it is (or often not), it's really just weak and uninspiring to think we no longer possess an imagination greater than our predecessors, who were trying to break the mold!  
As an independent artist with 15+ years behind the scene's and in the public's eye, it boggles my mind why anyone would have the balls to put themselves out publicly under a moniker that someone else has been forging for years! Trying to contribute to an art form that is already over saturated, and in no way, drawing a line in the sand to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.  I've invested half my life into building a name for myself as "Intrikit" and my production "Enviamentally Fresh Music", to be disrespected to a degree, by some person(s) who didn't do their homework and decided they were going to put out music via social media and not have the common courtesy to check if someone else may be working that angle.  
This shit ain't open to debate or opinion, in this day and age with "social media outlets" being virtually the biggest record label on the planet, if your not familiar, it's not that hard to get acquainted with a particular name or brand of music being produced, regardless of how small or large they may be.  When I started getting really serious about making hip hop records after high school, circa '97, you could have gotten away with 10 different Intrikit's out there, on some "may the best man win" type ish.  Meaning, whoever was doing it the hardest and blew up, earned the right to be the one & only!  These days its just not acceptable, especially when I've released a decent body of material that is worthy of sitting amongst hip hop greats, old & new!  My latest release is a testament to that, respect the architect! There's only 1ne INTRIKIT and your now in-tune!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIM - Bright Ideas 1/1/2013

It's finally here! The long awaited album from DIM (deebee, Intrikit & Mastro) - "Bright Ideas". Shipping Now!