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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Loop Minded Individuals "A Hitchhiker's Guide To A Verse"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Loop Minded Individuals Official release 4/22/14

 Distribution by Four Finger Distro
Produced By: Intrikit & Esh The Monolith

1. A Hitchhiker's Guide (ft. ESH The Monolith, Intrikit, Zac Galen)
2. War Drum (ft. Moe Pope, Roc Doogie, Elucid) 
3. Bully Dozer (ft. Romen Rok)
4. Science of Sixteen (ft. Has-Lo)
5. Best In Show (ft. deebee)
6. The Ghost of Robert Frost (ft. Teddy Faley, Selfsays)
7. Chuck Wepner (ft. XL, Big Juan)
8. Follow Her (Ft. Seez Mics)
9. Loop Minded (ft. Andrew Milicia, Fran-P)
10. Home (ft. Grey Sky Appeal, F. Virtue)       

pre-order  available now @
Plus a limited edition red cassette, courtesy of I had An Accident Records

While you wait, this track here mysteriously lost its way off the final pressing of LMI.  Consider this the 11th track of Hitchhiker's Guide To A Verse, as it was created along with the rest of the album.
Side B is a remix I produced in the spirit of Gang Starr (Rest In Peace GURU), that Cas & I were featured on, off of 2011's "Invisible EP"